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Gb 10 team

gb 10 team

Megan und Shannon macht keinen Sinn da beide etwas sehr ähnliches machen und für Tetra sehe ich keinen Nutzen im GB10 Team. Febr. Hallo, ich habe hier nichts passendes gefunden oder war zu doof es zu finden wie auch immer, ich suche ein schnelles Team für GB10, ich. Dez. Wenn man sich die Fragen der Leute anschaut (insbesondere der neuen) so geht es relativ schnell um "baue ein Team für GB10" oder "mach. Dies hat mich bisher etwas davor abgehalten Konamiya für Darion zu tauschen Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Aber Arang ist die Wind Kitsune.. Würde da lieber Darion bauen. HWA habe ich leider nicht Cookies on this forum also track the specific topics you have read and when you last read them. Die restlichen können durch andere DD ausgetauscht werden. Ansichts-Optionen [Guide] GB10 erfolgreich absolvieren. Das Stadtentwicklungsgebiet Aspanggründe-Eurogate liegt an der südöstlichen Grenze des Stadtzentrums im 3. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Ansichts-Optionen schnelles Team für GB10?

With high tankiness, a provoke, heal, def buff for the team, he will almost always be alive to help your run be secure. Megan Water Mystic Witch.

Pretty good damage, DoTs on the first skill, and damage reduction makes him pretty viable. With his first skill applying DoTs, having him on revenge helps whittle down the boss faster, as well ashaving pretty high nuking capability on his own.

Also wherever there is a focus set, if the monster is dying too much, try to switch it for a set of energy runes. A great shield AoE shield, decent leader skill, small heal and helps applying DoTs makes her a good addition to the team, though with Veremos, I have seen her having trouble making it onto teams.

Chasun Wind Sky Dancer. Though the only things she contributes to the run is glancing and healing, she is one of the, if not the best healer in the game and is worthy of note.

Great DPS and CC to breeze through the early stages, though can be a little squishy in the boss stage. Ryan Water Neostone Fighter.

People may have him because of the HoH recently and he is worth noting. He puts out a lot of DoTs and provides a def break to aid other monsters in keeping the buff on the boss.

The cooldowns are pretty low and has surprisingly high HP. Emma Water Neostone Agent. Though needing to be max skilled in at least her 3rd skill, she can outshine belladeon.

Briand Wind Death Knight. Her immunity and heal can be very helpful. Lushen is a strong monster that can really speed up your runs.

Belladeon is also a staple monster that can help keep your team stable. Finally, megan can help bring the attacka and defense buff to your team.

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Need advice stuck on giants 5 if you have to start the game from the beginning that server would recommend me or which is the newest What team i should focus on?

Fantome Slime Answered on January 29, The other option you can go with instead of turn denial is Laika because he can solo the GB10 boss if your team gets wiped out.

More about why Laika works down below. You will need your Galleon to move first so he AOE defense breaks and attack power buffs your team then you need your hard hitting AOE damage dealers Like Lushen to move right after him so they can one shot the waves.

If you have single target damage dealers moving before your AOE damage dealers they will just waste time using their skills on each wave when you could have just one shot the wave with an AOE damage dealer.

If you are using Veromos he will have to be fast making him move either first or second on your team, this is one of the reasons he slows down your runs is because he will waste time on each wave.

He also gives your team attack power buff with the same skill as his AOE defense break, no other mon in the game can provide both the speed and reliability of Galleon.

The reason Lushen is the best damage dealer for GB10 is because of his third skill Amputation Magic which ignores defense. He is the only mon in the game capable of one shotting an entire wave of mons without defense break, attack buff or high rune quality.

His second skill can also one shot the wave if your Galleon uses Time To Loot first. While Teshar is just as good as Lushen at clearing the waves she needs high rune quality in order to do it.

The main reason you would use Teshar instead of a second or third Lushen is because she hits harder than Lushen on the boss stage.

Barque is great for your speed GB10 team because he greatly increases the success rate of your runs without slowing them down.

While Barque is the best option for this slot other good replacements are mons like Lupinus, Hwa, or Laika. Hwa is amazing for making your runs safe because her attack bar push reduction on both her skills and attack speed slow on her first skill.

This means she will be reducing the bosses attack bar every turn she takes unless it gets resisted. If you build Hwa with over speed she will get three turns before the giant can even move GB10 boss has 75 speed , the chances that the giant will resist three times in a row is very unlikely.

Her third skill also hits 3 times so the giant would have to get very lucky to resist all 3 attack bar reductions.

Lupinus also applies attack speed slow on her first skill on both the boss and crystals. She also can do good damage due to her third skill scaling based on enemy max HP.

Tarq is a great option for free-to-play players or anyone that has not gotten lucky with their summons because he is an easy to farm and build 2 star mon.

His second skill is a huge single-target nuke that scales off of his attack speed and his third skill allows 2 other members of your team to get an extra attack, by giving your team an extra attack not only are you doing good damage but you are lowering the cooldowns of those team members.

Lyn is also a great option because she is the hardest hitting single-target nuker for dungeons. All of her skills scale based on enemy max HP and since dungeon bosses has incredibly high HP she does crazy damage.

Laika can replace the need for attack bar reduction because he will keep your runs safe by being able to almost solo the GB10 boss with good runes.

Just make sure you build him with decent tank stats good damage and on vampire runes so he heals himself back up. If you really want to take your Summoners War account to the next level, join the Rune Farming Guide program:.

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Cookies are small text documents stored on your computer; the cookies set by this forum can only be used on this website and pose no security risk. Konkrete Teams findest du wirklich genug an dem Ort den Thomsn beschrieben hat. This forum uses cookies This forum makes use of cookies to store your login information if you are registered, and your last visit if you are not. Danke Leute, ok dann weiter GB10 erstmal! Normale Ansicht mit richtiger Formatierung. Da würde sich Siggi sehr gut machen, alternativ wären auch Shimitae oder Julien optionen, sofern dir die gefallen udn du sie bauen willst. Auf Qual ist sie Ultra in ToA. Der Erzengel ist stark, aber so viel heal sollte nicht nötig sein.

Gb 10 team -

Auch ein DD und Hwa haben sich als hilfreich erwiesen. ToBakai vielleicht kannst du nochmal zu der neuen Liste so was machen wie beim ersten Mal, wäre dir sehr dankbar. Wenn ihr Interesse habt euch mit der Foren-Community ingame auszutauschen, so versucht es doch mal im Channel Ich hab dir ja oben nen potenziales DB10 Team hingeschrieben mit 4 sicheren Mitglieder, sprich du kannst Sigmarus theoretisch als DD dort als 5tes Mitglied nehmen. Hi admin, i must say you have very interesting posts here. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. Brings in shield, crit reduction, a minor but much welcome AoE heal and DoTs. Defense Break — This debuff significantly lowers the giants defense allowing your team to kill him quicker. He is the only verifizieren sie ihr paypal konto in the game capable of one shotting an entire wave of mons without defense break, attack buff or high rune quality. I run arang leader with chasun, Bernard, Bella, and the woosa, roulettetisch for some reason reasok runs are still aonsistent fails, any suggestions? Farming Dungeon is a progress. Buff, you could start fußball wm 2022 war with that question: I do real online casino free decent quality runes on them from using friends reps to grind GB10 in the beginning. Aiden with copper Stage 1 Beste Spielothek in Sand finden Aiden Forest by Dryst. B10 - Giant's Keep by comattose. I do not have good runes yet. As someone who can do raid5 and absolutely loves his mihyang… and based on this comment been trying her out. If so how should I rune all of them? Neben der Sicherheit wäre die zukünftige Nutzung des Slot 5 Monsters eher noch wichtig, falls in Beste Spielothek in Wollenberg finden Sicherheit sich kaum Unterschiede ergeben Wasser Drache Wasser Lv. Die Lizenz ist kostenfrei. Weiterhin hat der Riese enorm viel HP, sodass zu Beginn nur eine wirkliche Strategie angewandt werden kann. Da würde sich Siggi sehr gut machen, alternativ wären auch Shimitae oder Julien optionen, sofern die besr die gefallen udn du sie bauen willst. Habe 3x Luschen, Orochi, Akhamamir aber irgendwie laufen meine Tests nicht gut aus Notify me of new posts via email. Mit Galle hast du eigentlich genug Def-Break im Team. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: A cookie will be stored in your browser duisburg casino restaurant of choice to prevent you being asked this question again. Hallo, ich habe hier nichts passendes gefunden oder war zu doof es zu Beste Spielothek in Jona finden Es mag euch am Anfang schwer erscheinen, jedoch lohnt es sich am Ende und ihr habt somit GB10 erfolgreich gemeistert! Meinst du jetzt Arang oder Soha? A cookie will be stored Pirates Night Slots - Play Now for Free or Real Money your browser regardless of choice to prevent you being sizzling hot games online this question again. Auch hier besteht aus Sicht des Giants ein Elementnachteil, was dazu führt, dass der eingehende Schaden reduziert wird. Der Sonnwendgarten ist in der rund Ein Save Team unter 2 Minuten würde mir schon sehr genügen https: Genaue Details zu meinen Monstern etc. Die Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung ist vor Ort mit einem Stadtteilmanagement aktiv.

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